What’s A Google Keyword Planner?


As a marketer or content creator, how many hours do you think you’ve spent searching for profitable keywords? It’s no secret that longtail keywords are key in ranking first on google and building long-term high-quality traffic sources within your niche. We save you the headache of spreadsheets and hundreds of google searches instantly finding you longtail keyword suggestions with exact search volume and other advanced metrics. Track your progress with the rank tracker and analyze what keywords are working best with your specific site.


No More Competition


We can help put you miles ahead of the competition. Find the PERFECT backlink opportunities in your niche and capitalize quickly. The authority is out there. We can find it for you.

Convert Like A Pro

We can help vastly increase your Google organic search traffic leading to more interested customers and repeat buyers. This is the secret to building a long-term online presence and establishing authority for your business in your niche, allowing you to eventually rank for higher competition keywords with ease.


The Extra Mile

Still struggling with the SEO side of things? We got you covered. Receive regular tips and tools that help turn your solo marketing campaign into a powerhouse.

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